Tonia Gray

Tonia is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Educational Research (CER) and a Specialist in Pedagogy and Learning at University of Western Sydney. In her role as Senior Researcher in CER, Tonia is the Sustainability theme leader.  In 2009 Tonia received an ALTC Citation for scholarly activity in outdoor education and building an internationally recognized program. With a wealth of experience in teacher training, curriculum design, implementation and evaluation spanning over 24 years, in 2010-2012 she was awarded an ALTC grant for curriculum design and research specifically to introduce reflective and experience-based learning to international education within university settings. In collaboration with Greg Downey and Jan Gothard, she co-produced the ‘Bringing the Learning Home’ curriculum, an open access model curriculum for better integrating study abroad experience into enhanced curriculum at students’ home universities.

Tonia’s long-term involvement with international exchange students as the Resident Director for the Council of Educational Exchange (CIEE) from 2000-2014 has galvanized her links with intercultural education. Together with Dr. Tim Hall, Tonia heads the OLT-funded project, Enhancing Programmes Integrating Tertiary Outbound Mobility Experiences (EPITOME), a project with strong links to Classroom of Many Cultures.