Additional Readings and Resources

Many organisations are working to improve the well-being of children through child rights, education and health,  livelihood programs and advocacy.  Increasingly children are being given a voice and an opportunity to participate in decision-making processes relevant to their lives and to influence decisions taken in their regard—within the family, the school or the community.

As a contributor you may be working with children on a daily basis as part of your activity. It is important to be aware of child protection issues and your responsibilities in both child positive program approaches and ensuring children are protected from harm. You have responsibilities to:

  • Ensure that your own behaviour is not harmful to children.
  • Report any inappropriate behaviour or concerns to your supervisor.


Wherever you live, wherever you work, wherever you travel across the world you might see children at risk of being abused. ChildSafe is a social movement created to inspire everyone, everywhere, to be actively involved in the protection of children.

Red Cross: short quiz on the rights of a child (Australia context).

The following short films provide clear explanations of why it is important and necessary to be aware of young people’s rights.