Human Gun Tiger

Rationale / Development

This simple icebreaker was introduced to the CoMC team by Restless Development, a youth-led development agency. It is a useful activity to encourage students to work together to:

  • Develop strategies and communicate them
  • Work as a team to make quick decisions
  • Encourage active listening and participation




  1. Divide participants into 2 teams by asking them say in order A or B.
  2. Ask them to stand as a team in a straight line, facing the opposite team.
  3. As a team they have to decide on one of the following postures:
  • Human (standing straight and tall)
  • Gun (shooting posture)
  • Tiger (hands as claws)

All they have to do as a team is to decide to choose one of the postures mentioned within 20 seconds.

As in the playground game, ‘scissors, paper, rock’,

  • Human is greater than Gun
  • Gun is greater than Tiger and
  • Tiger is greater than Human
  1. Let participants know that there will be 5 rounds, with a point awarded to teams on each round. On the count of 3, each team collectively shows their posture; if any of the team members show a different posture then that team will be disqualified.
  2. At the end of the 5 rounds discuss the different strategies used by teams to decide upon and communicate their decision.