This activity can be used in conjunction with the partner videos.

Dividing the Room

Time: 20 minutes (depending on the number of videos shown)

1. Ask students to respond to the following question by moving to one side of the room or another to reflect their view.

Should students be allowed to drink alcohol while away on their international placement activity?

2.  Once students have responded to the question, give them the opportunity to discuss the issue.

3.  Show a selection of videos from international partner organisations in order to provide a variety of alternative views.

4. Give students the option of changing their position based on what they have heard.

5. Facilitate further discussion on:

  • Have these diverse perspectives changed your view?
  • What are some of the different cultural perspectives that have been raised through the partner videos and quotes?
  • What are some of the cultural factors you might need to consider in this sort of situation?
    • Gender
    • Hospitality
    • Role of alcohol in cultural rituals and ceremonies
    • Community issues
    • Role modelling

Partner Videos

Peru's Challenge on Alcohol

Bahay Tuluyan: perspectives on alcohol

PACOS: perspectives on alcohol

Restless Development: perspectives on alcohol

DDP: perspectives on alcohol

ACF: perspectives on alcohol

AIJI: Perspectives on Alcohol

Parvah: perspectives on alcohol

KOTO: Tourism and nightlife

KOTO: alcohol and smoking