Activity 1: “I’m going to work and I’m going to bring…”

This activity was developed by a student at Macquarie University, Grace Cho, in response to her experiences on an international work placement activity. The game emphasises flexibility in thinking to achieve set tasks.

1. The facilitator comes up with a rule that will be implemented throughout the game. They then finish the above sentence, listing an item that fits the rule.

Sample rules:

  • items where the word has a double letter
  • items of a particular colour
  • items that have a particular number of syllables

2. The next player (student) will also attempt to complete the sentence with an item of their choice. This item will either be rejected or accepted by the facilitator, depending on whether it fits the rule. Each player will take turns until everyone is naming correct items or until the students give up.

3. Facilitate a discussion around:

  • What types of obstacles might prevent you from completing set tasks?
  • What types of adjustments could you make to the ways in which you like to work?
  • How important is flexibility in your approach to completing set tasks?

Activity 2: Scenario Response

1. Discuss the following scenario with students.

scen2What are some of the cultural considerations you might need to take into account in this scenario?

2. Show a range of videos from partner organisations.

Have these diverse perspectives changed the way you might approach this situation?

What are some of the different cultural perspectives that have been raised through the partner videos and quotes?

  • Gender
  • Hierarchies
  • Different work cultures
  • Losing face

3. Encourage students to work together to put together a response to this scenario.