Dress code

Activity 1: Scenario Response

1. Discuss the following scenario with students:


  • What are some of the cultural considerations you might need to take into account in this scenario?

2. Show a range of videos from partner organisations.

  • Have these diverse perspectives changed how you think you might approach this situation?
  • What are some of the different cultural perspectives that have been raised through the partner videos and quotes?
    • Gender
    • Hierarchies
    • Different work cultures

3. Encourage students to work together to establish or create a ‘dress code’?


(Adapted from Comhlamh’s ‘From Volunteers to Active Citizens’: http://www.comhlamh.org/resources-volunteering-ireland/)

Time: 30 mins (depending on different videos selected)

1. Divide the students into three groups and ask each group to respond to the following situation from the perspective of (a) an international partner organisation; (b) a student volunteer; (c) a university or sending organisation

It is hot and humid and a student has come to work in a short skirt, singlet top and sandals.

2. Invite one person from each group to sit at the front and join a discussion/debate, representing the particular perspective of their group.

3. Show videos from partner organisations.

4. Facilitate further discussion.

Dress in Peru

BT: Appropriate Clothing

DDP: Appropriate Clothing