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At the heart of this project is our commitment to ensuring that the expertise, knowledge and skills of PACE International community partners are an integral part of a model curriculum. Co-creation however, is a complex and messy process. Embracing the unpredictable, emotional and personal reality of bringing together diverse ideas, perspectives and people, opens up possibilities for more creative ways of communicating and listening to what is seen, heard and felt.

There is no one-way or single formula for co-creating as opportunities to co-create are always dependent on a context that is constantly changing. We have learnt from our experience that building and sustaining interpersonal relationships is at the centre of a co-creation approach.

Building and sustaining interpersonal relationships means taking time to build trust and respect by simultaneously:

Ultimately co-creation is about the synergies, the bringing together of people and ideas, to create something new. It is exciting and inspiring because its process and outcomes are unpredictable. As relationships and ideas evolve so do the project outcomes and the curriculum resources produced.