Dr Rebecca Bilous

Dr Rebecca Bilous is the Project Manager for the “Classroom of Many Cultures” project.

In addition she is also a Lecturer in PACE, working closely with Kate Lloyd to prepare students for international PACE placements. To both roles she brings extensive teaching experience from the museum and primary school sectors, and more recently, from the tertiary sector.

Rebecca is an early career academic having received her PhD in 2014. Her thesis was titled, “Telling and Hearing: Learning from Macassan-Yolngu Stories of Connecting” and engaged with stories that connected Macassan people from the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi, with Yolŋu, Indigenous Australians from the north coast of Australia. The thesis opened up a space for engaging with a multiplicity of knowledges and challenged both learners and educators to change the ways in which they tell, hear, teach and learn from all stories. Her thesis received a Vice Chancellor’s Commendation.