Team Building and Group Reflection

Making space for team buildings activities was very important in the co-creation process and each of the activities in this module were played at either the Sydney or Borneo workshops by the CoMC team. They are activities that the team felt would be useful in the preparation of groups of students who might be travelling, living and working together. This is the case for many of Macquarie University’s PACE students and these students therefore need to learn to build relationships with each other (Sharing the Personal Journey), learn how to give and take in relationships (Giving and Taking in Relationships) and make group decisions (Human Gun Tiger). Both Pravah and Restless Development, who host Macquarie University’s PACE students in Delhi, have also run a number of these activities at their in-country orientation.

During international activities, students will engage in team building and group reflection. This module hosts a range of activities to promote effective practice in these areas.